An exploration of the different ways artists decorate and use their studio spaces within a shared studio environment.
Alice Ladenburg 
"My studio is where I can freely think, make, do and wander. It is only with this space that I can generate and develop the ideas which result in an output (drawings, objects, performances etc) that could be considered to be 'my practice'."
Catriona Whiteford
"For me having a studio pushes me further as it allows me to make larger, more challenging work and feed off other artists in a shared space. I no longer sit in my flat making tiny pieces of work that are then put away in a drawer. As an artist I value feedback from my peers and exploring collaborative practice."
Calum McClure
"Due to the way I have set up my studio it focuses me on oil painting, other work is made else where. When I go to paint in the studio it's usually finished pieces that come out, it's a place where I try to put my thoughts into paint."
Richard Taylor
"The studio space engenders the way that I work in two different ways, one, as a separate place from where I write and draw ( home) - so I am decidedly more sculptural in my approach. The second reason being that, as most of the room in my part of the studio is floor space, I make work to do with the ground and with the lower wall; so I tend to make things that free stand or lean, which are object-based, found and effected by paint."
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